Abe Ingle - Lead Project Manager

Abe Ingle joins Solid as part of the Project Management team. Prior to joining our team Abe worked at 10up where he lead his own team and work with clients like Microsoft, Windows, and StoryCorps. He also worked at FINE Design Group for five years managing the production of branding and web projects for companies in technology, wine & spirits, hospitality, travel, capital, architecture, and consumer goods. Companies like Nike, Mezzetta, Hornblower Cruises, Norton/Symantec, , Shasta Ventures, etc. When Abe is not managing amazing projects and being the best part of his clients' days, he spends time volunteering at the Oregon Humane Society, composing music and building synthesizers. 

Q. What is your favorite movie?
That is a tough one... I really love Vertigo. It is such a strange, perfect thriller/mystery that holds up perfectly over time. The blend of traditional mystery, with psychological thriller, all held together with amazing cinematography is hard to resist.

Q. Do you speak any other languages?
A little Spanish, and I puck up basics really quickly.

Q.What is your favorite music or musician?
Everything off the Erased Tapes Label. I love Dawn of Midi and Nils Frahm

Q. What website can you NOT live without?

Q. What are some ways that technology has influenced your life?
Technolody has become ever-present. For me it has brought about great freedom, a fun career, and a wonderful hobby. At the same time, it has also brought a need for mindulness. 

Q. Do you have a tattoo? If you could get one, what would it be?
My favorite is my Crass tattoo I got in high school . Thirty hours of stick and poke, all to permanently mark me as a once-punk rocker. 

Q. If you could do ANYTHING, what would it be?
I'd love to have the powers of Superman - the PM in me just wants to organize things and fix problems.