Andrew DuBrock - Project Manager

Andrew started with us in Q1, but he's quickly integrated into part of our Solid Team. When he had a few moments to reflect, he gave a few details on his background and his coding history: 

Q: Who is your tech inspiration?

Right now, I’m inspired by TJ Holowaychuk. It’s hard to believe he’s one person, and If I could be half as productive as he seems to be, I’d be pretty happy. I’m also inspired by all the amazing developers here at Solid. There’s a lot to learn from everybody here.

Q: What is your strongest programming language?

I’m working on getting stronger at Javascript right now, and have some experience with Ruby.

Q: What is the next programming language that you want to learn?

After I become more of a power Javascript (and Ruby) maestro, I’d like to try out some mobile developing. As an iPhone user, and iPad (wanna-be) user, I think working in iOS (Objective C) would be fun to take a crack at.

Q: What is your favorite music or musician?

I’ve listened to a lot of great musicians over the years working in the music publishing world, but ever since I fell in love with the Beatles in college, I don’t think any other group has supplanted them as my #1 all-time fave.

Q: What music/musician are in work playlist?

I sometimes have trouble focusing when listening to music. In my previous career, I worked for music publishing companies and one of my main duties was transcribing music (mostly guitar) from audio/video into notation and (guitar) tablature for others to learn and play. Because of this, music often distracts me. But, firing up some ambient stuff like old new age Windham Hill recordings can put me in a zone--particularly without vocals. When it comes to vocal recordings, it helps if I can’t understand the words, so someone like Malian guitarist Habib Koite would be great--especially live shows with the extended groove jams.

Q: What compelled you to start coding?

I’ve always enjoyed solving problems. Having always had a knack for music (and math), it seemed like a natural way to go. Plus, it’s fun to build things (especially when they *work*!...)

Q: Do you have a tattoo? If you could get one, what would it be?

No tattoos, and I probably wouldn’t ever get one, despite living in the Land of Tattoos. I like the temporary tattoos my kids get--30 seconds under a wet washcloth and you’re good to go. If I could have one of those, it would probably be a fire-breathing unicorn.

Q: If you could do ANYTHING in life, what would it be?

For my kids: To get sentimental, I would love to leave the world a better place. For myself: just some good travel, a spot on the coast in a small town to retreat to on occasion, and a lifetime supply of good beer.