Cole Hafner - Lead Web Developer

Cole is the newest member of our Web Development Team. 

Q. Who is your tech inspiration?
My tech inspiration is John Resig, because he brought JS to the masses.

Q. What is your strongest computer language?
It's a tie between PHP and JS 

Q. What is your favorite movie?
My favorite movie is Wayne's World, because it's hilarious. 

Q. What is your facorite music or musician? 
RHCP, Johnny Cash, 90's Snoop and Dre, I'm all over the place

Q. What music or musician do you code to?
I code to Electronica/Trance, anything without words it's good for concentration. 

Q. What website can you NOT live withoug?
Google, because it has everything. 

Q. Do you have a tattoo? If you could get one what would it be?
I don't have any tattoos, but if I could get one it would be something in memory of my father

Q. If you could do ANYTHING, what would it be?
Travel around the world with my family and scuba dive. 

Q. What are some ways you enjoy spending your free time?
I enjoy cycling, home improvement projects and spending time with my family.