Diana Martinez - Director of Experiences

With a background in creative advertising and a love for social media, Diana Martinez joins the SOLID team as our new Director of Experiences.  She will be focusing on the culture and brand identity of our company, in addition to the importance of a well-balanced, fun and professional environment.  To get to know her, we asked some questions

Q. What is your favorite movie?
Mile, Mile and a Half, because it inspired me to hike the John Muir Trail.

Q. Do you speak any other languages?
I’m fluent in Spanish and currently learning Japanese.

Q. What is your favorite music or musician?
I like anything from K-Pop to Rock, but I truly enjoy musicals.

Q. What website can you NOT live without?
Google, because of all its functionalities and Twitter because I enjoy the immediacy of the content and the interaction that you can have with people all over the world.

Q. What are some ways you enjoy spending your free time?
On my free time I enjoy going hiking, visiting local breweries, blogging, photography, diy projects, and taking my dachshund out on walks.

Q. Do you have a tattoo? If you could get one, what would it be?
I have 6 tattoos, and 3 of them I got in one sitting.  I have a few more designs I would like to add to the collection.

Q. What are some ways that technology has influenced your life?
Aside from the fact that I can order a Piñtagram for a friend’s birthday, or have a doctor’s appointment via Skype.  I feel that technology has facilitated a simpler approach to everyday life.  If used wisely, you can learn a new language, attain a new skill,  and even become an entrepreneur all because of technology.  

Q. If you could do ANYTHING, what would it be?
Backpack the Pacific Crest Trail and Appalachian Trail.