Jennifer McHattie - Wellness Officer

Jen is a chiropractor that loves helping people feel great. When she is not cracking backs, she is water skiing, or snowboarding. She enjoys most outdoor activities, from drinking a cold brew on a hot day, playing with her two kiddos, and occasionally painting.

Q. Who inspires you? I would say that my husband Travis, inspires me everyday. Not only is he a terrific husband, but he is also a fun dad to our two kids, a great friend to all, and a phenomenal mentor. His biggest inspiration to me is his constant learning to better himself. He is always pushing himself to learn a new guitar riff, learn the newest business techniques, trying to become a better communicator personally and professionally. His desire to learn motivates me to reach outside my comfort zone, which makes me continue to grow and excel.

Q. What is your favorite movie? My favorite movie is Jaws. Even 40 years after it premiered, this movie will make you afraid to go swimming.

Q. What is your favorite music or musician? My favorite type of music is Rock (Classic, Alternative, Punk, Metal). My favorite band is Led Zeppelin.

Q. What website can you NOT live without? I cannot live without Amazon. I hate shopping at stores and Amazon has everything. I buy way too much from there.

Q. What are some ways you enjoy spending your free time? I like to go to the park with my kids, going to the movies, dancing with girlfriends, working out at the gym, watching football, and just hanging out with friends.

Q. Do you have a tattoo? If you could get one, what would it be? I do not have a tattoo, but have been thinking about getting one for 5 years. One day I will get the world's best tattoo and finally be cool.

Q. If you could do ANYTHING, what would it be? I would love to go traveling abroad. I want to experience different cultures, languages, food, and people.