Nathan Stier - Android Mobile Developer

Q: Who is your tech inspiration?
While Ruby on Rails in college, I had Michael Hartl’s Rails Tutorial for a text book. Programmers of many experience level use his tutorial to learn RoR, making him a prominent member of the Ruby community and, at least in my mind, a significant professional programmer.

Learning he was a mathematician and not a professional programmer helped me make a conclusion. Simply, to be a great programmer, it was not enough to just be a programmer. For every thing I am beyond being a programmer, or any profession, I bring something invaluable to my professional life.

Q: What is your strongest computer language?
Raw Node style Javascript. I don’t know many JS frameworks though, and I’ve made no effort to keep up with the framework of the week. I’ve maybe sent a total of 10 lines of JS to production, but I use it regularly for any command line scripting I need. My favorite pet project was ~50 lines of CoffeeScript that I used to manage fixtures and mocks in Jasmine tests.

Q: What is your favorite movie?
Oldboy, but I’ve seen it enough that it’s losing its luster. I can't think of something that may replace it, but I do have a favorite bad movie: Zardoz. You don’t really know bad movies until you see Sean Connery in blaze orange fly off in a flying stone head that vomits guns, and that's the first 15 minutes.

Q: What is your favorite music or musician?
I’m one of those people (still) waiting for the next (good) Tool album. Beyond my stunted taste in the 90s, I’ve been getting into Electro-Swing and, more recently Gypsy Punk. I also make a point of visiting anything Dan the Automator has touched.

Q: What music/musician do you code to?
Usually podcasts (Thrilling Adventure Hour and Night Vale ATM), but when I really need to get things I set Pandora to shuffle my stations. If I really, really need to get things done, then I queue up Black Mill, Apex Twin, SquarePusher, Amon Tobin, Glitch Mob, Parov Stelar, and/or Caravan Palace.

Q: What website can you NOT live without?
I constantly peruse LifeHacker. Also, have a habit of “not” reading the news, but checking out headlines and going straight to reading the comments section. Seems masochistic, but I’m more interested in what people think about happenings than what one author thinks.

Q: Do you have a tattoo? If you could get one, what would it be?
I do not. I do, however, have a wicked scar on my arm that I got while trying to lean against a storm door. My friend standing near by when it happened sacrificed her hoodie to tourniquet me and drove me to the hospital. It was 187 stitches and they missed a cut on the underside.

Q: If you could do ANYTHING, what would it be?
Travel. I need to travel more. I’ve even had the temptation to move into the nomad-developer lifestyle, but I really don’t have any interest in freelancing and months-long stints of remote working don’t bring out the best in me professionally.