Travis McHattie - COO / Strategist - Co-Founder

Travis McHattie is one of the Founders of Solid Interactive and the Chief Operating Officer based in Portland. He brings the COOL to COO.  He provides some background to his coolness below:

Q: Who is your tech inspiration?

I have two that are very different from each other — Linus Torvalds and Steve Jobs. Linus for his contributions to open source and powering the web. He embodies the mantra- If you want something done right, then do it yourself. Read the story on why git was created, illustrates what I mean ( Steve Jobs leaves legacies behind: Pixar (my kids don't watch anything else), NeXTStep (anyone heard of objective-c?),  Apple, iPhone.

Q: What is your strongest computer language?

I'm not sure I have one. A few years ago it would have been C# but we do so many things now that I would say that we use many different languages proficiently.

Q: What is your favorite movie?

I am most nostalgic about the Star Wars series (original). It's what I spent the most time as a kid watching. 

Q: What is your favorite music or musician?

Rock and Roll hands down. All eras, most sub-genres

Q: What music/musician do you code to? 

Focus@will ( all the way. Best service out there.

Q: What website can you NOT live without?

Google. We use Google for so many things, gmail, calendar, docs, forms/spreadsheets, images, you name it. Our business runs on Google.

Q: Do you have a tattoo? If you could get one, what would it be?

I have 2, nothing special. I plan on getting a custom piece done to represent the members of my family.

Q: If you could do ANYTHING, what would it be?

I do it every day. I like to build things, and I get to do that every day.