The Importance of Email Marketing for Lead Generation

Email Marketing can help a business build credibility. Strengthening the relationship between a business and its’ costumers can help establish trust.

Meet The New Faces of Team SOLID

Our team continues to grows and we could not be more happy. SOLID has the pleasure to introduce to you our two new additions to our team, Eric Cook and Jacob Coury.

5 Smart Home Trends for 2017

Smart home technology has been experiencing an exciting few years, and advancements in the realm of internet of things (IoT) are only increasing the potential that this technology holds. Over the next year, we will likely see these smart home products become more widespread and practical, as well as more powerful and interconnected.

Solid named One of the Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in the Nation

Solid is excited to announce that we have been named one of the National 2016 Winners of Best and Brightest Companies To Work For™.

The Importance of Monitoring Live Applications

Meaningful and Accurate monitoring, measurement, and understanding of what the mobile user experience demands is extremely important to manage due to its complexity.

Solid Interactive Wins a Davey Award.

Solid Interactive receives Davey Award under the Specialty Categories for Visual Appeal.

Solid Interactive Merges with Partner Usman Group

This is a strategic move for both firms. Strategic for us because our clients will now benefit from in-house custom design and branding, search engine and social marketing, content creation, and even more offerings focused on creating long term value for our customers.

A Little Thanks from Team SOLID

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, celebration, peace and reflection We thought this would be a good time to take a step back and talk with some of our team members to find out what they’re most thankful for this year.

The Importance of Implementing a Wellness Program in Your Organization

Well-designed and executed workplace wellness programs can reduce health risk, improve productivity, and even lower health care costs. Wellness programs are becoming a standard component of benefit packages, as a way to help employees be more physically active and promote better health practices.

eLearning Case Study

Through the use of eLearning platforms, individuals across the globe are afforded the ability to access the exact same materials and processes, all through computer networks developed for specific schools and organizations.

5 Innovative Apps that Changed our Physical World

Everyday new applications are introduced into the market, but only few are those who have impacted and changed the way our world functions.

Solid Interactive Wins Visual Arts Award

The W³ Awards were recently announced, and we are happy to announce that Solid Interactive was among the winners. Congratulations to our team on taking home a Silver W³ Award in the Website Features-Visual Appeal Category for our work on Rosados Box.

3 Things You Should Know About TeleMedicine

The field of telemedicine has changed dramatically over the last 50 years or so. As technology develops exponentially, so does affordability and accessibility to the tools being utilized within the field. As the internet continues to develop new capabilities, increase in power, and spread to users throughout the globe, the possibilities associated with TeleMedicine are greater than ever before. .

Smart Sensors and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things): Providing Efficient Solutions for Enterprises

Solid is known for taking risks with new technologies. When we first started in the business we were approach by Cinemanow to create a Television application using Yahoo and Intel hardware that had not been created yet. We like to challenge ourselves, but most importantly we really like it when we have a client that challenges us to create something amazing for them.

Developer Alphabet Soup: CRM vs CMS

Our clients often approach us with their development needs, but get frustrated with using the development community's naming conventions. This blog post defines and provides some background on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Content Management Systems (CMS).

The Power of IIoT

Over the last couple of years, companies have made meaningful developments by utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) technology in the realm of manufacturing. These developments have spawned a new category of IoT known as the Industrial Internet, or more commonly referred to as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Looking at Customer Experiences beyond Service

Every company claims that putting their customers first is their top priority, but few of them can “walk the walk” when it comes to providing the kind of service experience that creates lifelong customers.

Solid becomes a Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner

Xamarin is a mobile application development platform with native user interfaces enabling share of code across all platforms with a single C# codebase. Xamarin delivers high performance with device-specific experience using native APIs to create a User Experience and User Interface that the users of specific devices are used to.

Grasshopper vs Wordpress

In order to provide a new perspective and some fresh insight into the world of CMS (content management system) choices, we wanted to create an in depth comparison of Grasshopper and Wordpress.

Bringing Engagement to the Standup

The daily standup should be short. While it may seem like asking for more detail is in conflict with the intent of a stand-up, getting poor information is even worse. Asking probing questions can shift the energy of your stand-ups from “everyday” to “engaged.

Client Showcase: MindMake

Empowering parents to create a safe online environment for their families and facilitate enriched development with personalized content recommendations.

Bugsee - Bug Reporting Made Easier

Having used Bugsee for a few months now, I can officially say that it’s one of my favorite PM tools that I have in my utility belt. It saves so much time being able to recreate a bug with minimal end-user interaction. From an end-user standpoint, all it takes is installation, and a couple clicks to ensure that the developers are made aware of a bug and how to reproduce it.

Grasshopper vs Drupal

The number of CMS options available to those looking to create, manage, and modify their own digital content online can be staggering. As with any competing variations of related technology, every CMS has its own benefits and drawbacks. When there are so many options to choose from, business owners or individuals looking to utilize a CMS must ultimately make the important decision as to which platform to move forward with.

Useful Tools to Help Web Developers be More Productive

There is no right or wrong set of tools, every developer should be using what helps them be more productive. The right tools are those who best help you get the work done in a more efficient manner. We bring you five tools for developers to help you simplify your workflow and improve your productivity.

Grasshopper: Leaping Ahead of the Competition

In numerous cultures around the world, the grasshopper is revered as a symbol of abundance, creativity, a leaping forward. It is apt, then, that Solid Interactive chose to name its CMS framework Grasshopper, which for my firm has come to mean a competitive advantage.

Solid vs Metal Toad - Socializing and Networking in The Portland Tech Community

At Solid, Foosball is a part of our company culture, we enjoy playing games during our lunch hour, in between meetings, during one on one meetings, or just to blow off some steam. It’s a fun game that brings our company together, naturally we were looking to see if other companies in the area were as responsive to the game as we were.

Client Showcase: "Hello There" for The Hello Foundation

The Hello Foundation is a progressive client-focused company providing Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy to school districts and private clients interested in the highest quality of service for children with special needs.

Client Showcase: Griffith Cares for Griffith Foods

Nowadays more and more companies are empowering their employees to follow their company’s core values beyond the workspace. Griffith and it’s employees help communities worldwide through volunteering, creating programs, making better initiatives employees are making a difference.

5 Ways Solid Influences Company Culture

All companies aspire to have a company culture where managers and employees alike embrace the “we’re in this together” mentality. A culture where people take ownership and pride of their work and want their organization to succeed.

The Importance of Keeping Score

Making plans and setting goals is something essential for every level of our company, but it is important to note that it has to go beyond planning and setting goals. You have to be able to measure the outcomes, successes, and failures.

The Newest Member of Our Web Development Team

Our Team is really excited to introduce to you Cole Hafner. Cole joined our web development team in early August. He has over 7 years of experience in the web development field and has work with brands like LG, Panasonic, Reser's Fine Foods, Etc.

How to Avoid Over Engineering

In order to avoid this common form of over engineering, let’s take a look at some of the cloud computing tools that exist in order to cut down on costs and engineering times. These tools come in three specific forms, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). All three can deliver immense value, and help reach the right amount of engineering when coupled with technical expertise.

6 Considerations When Submitting Your App to Market

Thousands of apps are submitted to the Market on a daily basis. Some get rejected based on some small technical things, and others go live in a few hours. Our Director of Product Jonathan Waltner provided us with some insights into things that you should consider before submitting your app to Market

Create a Positive Culture Within Your Organization Online

Despite major engagement oriented tech investments, most industries have seen employee engagement decline over the last year. Meanwhile, organizations that turn to Aurora sustain ongoing improving impact over time, and every single team that has created a community on the platform has continued their community. Let’s take a look at why that is...

Solid Interactive Named Top Mobile App Developer

Solid Interactive was recently identified as a leading mobile app developer in Portland by ratings and reviews firm, Clutch! We are so excited to receive this recognition for our work and ability to craft simple, elegant solutions for clients from small businesses to enterprises.

The Transformation of Content Management Systems

The widespread use of single page apps, mobile devices, smart TV’s and IoT (Internet of Things) is transforming the face of content management systems. Current options that have dominated the marketplace such as Wordpress and Drupal, were built to simply manage webpages. These platforms went to market at a time when there was no mobile strategy, leaving them in a position where they were not able to smoothly pivot with the new technology. This limited functionality leaves many CMS’ struggling to keep up with popular content consumption methods, and in the midst of a transformation.

3 Considerations When Creating an OTT Service

Creating a go to market strategy can be very difficult when it comes to an OTT service. Specifically, the target devices, approval process, and revenue models are factors that must be considered prior to building a product.

Community Open Source Development

Open source is a paradigm, a culture, a community, and a mentality. The freedom that open source development inspires, the transparency of process, the open collaboration with industry experts, the exploration of boundaries and pushing those boundaries for the challenge they present, the removal of ego from our social system; these are things that I feel are most important in the field of software development.

Meet The New Members of Our Team

Solid continues to grow, and we are thrilled to introduce you to the two members of our team. Chris Flammer joining our Mobile Developer Team, and Abe Ingle joining our Project Management Team.

The Secret to Finding and Retaining Top Talent

If you ask 1,250 business leaders (PriceWaterhouseCoopers recently did) they’ll tell you that their #1 priority is attracting and retaining the best talent. Marketing is designed to find and retain good customers, but guess what? The most forward-thinking companies use marketing to help find and retain good talent, as well. Talent is more critical than ever. Smart, skilled people make better decisions.

Portland's Bike More Challenge Has Come To An End

The Annual Bike More Challenge has come to an end, but many of our team members continue their daily biking journeys. As we mentioned before in our previous post, this was our 3rd time participating in this event and the participation level continues to increase every year. Our team ended with a total of 3,931 points for the competition...

How to Effectively Manage Your Project for Adaptability - Part 2: Mid-project Course Correction

The ability to recognize the moment that course correction becomes paramount to success can be finely tuned through a return to project management fundamentals. In part one of this article, we presented our approach to project management, which focuses on planning workload in a way that maximizes productivity and leaves room for adaptability.

Client Showcase: Rosados Box

Rosados Box™ is a unique new bridal jewelry line from Love & Promise Jewelers. This special collection showcases pieces that are built with fair trade stones and recycled metals, all while being 100% designed and crafted in America.

How to Effectively Manage Your Project for Adaptability - Part 1: Approach

When approaching the management of a project, we utilize a consistent method which leaves room for the adaptability necessary when tackling an array of ventures. Although there is rarely a single method that can be utilized in the same way on every single project, our approach is built upon a decision to avoid what many refer to as the “tech black hole”.

Solid Joins Portland's Bike More Challenge

May marks the beginning of the Annual Bike More Challenge put together by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. A non-profit organization that works to promote bicycling and improve bicycling conditions in Oregon.This challenge has become an annual tradition for our team.

Client Showcase: OnCourse Learning

OnCourse Learning is an eLearning platform that provides continuing education, pre licensing and corporate training to companies and individuals nationwide. Their goal is to create a multi-disciplinary training solution expressly for customers in regulated industries.

What Techies Really Think About UX & UI

Technology and design doesn't always go hand-in-hand, and in many organizations it has been common practice to separate the nerds from the artists. At Solid, we believe that a successful software project starts with a great synergy between form and function. While we may get frustrated with our pixel-pushing neighbors in the creative department when we haven't set our margins to their exact specification, we are big fans of the work they do and the skills they possess to make our applications successful.

9th Anniversary Recap

It was time for us to slow down for a second and really take the time to celebrate our accomplishments and the journey we took to get where we are today. Over the past years, we have acknowledged our company anniversaries, but this year we wanted to do things a little different.

Client Showcase: 3Mgives

This week we are celebrating National Volunteer Week and we thought it would be a good opportunity to showcase a client that goes above and beyond when it comes to giving back to the community.

Meet the New Faces of Our Team

As SOLID continues to grow, so does our team. We are really excited to introduce to you the three new members of our team; William Davies, Ken Eucker, and Diana Martinez.

Client Showcase: Desirelist

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients’ ideas be brought to life. Back in November we met with an early stage startup that had a vision of creating a social shopping platform to facilitate the discovery and sharing of items and experiences users desire.

Avoid Getting Lost with Your Product Launch Roadmap

Many professionals would refer to this article as defining a project roadmap, but we aren’t huge fans of that term and the way that it has come to be utilized. The root of the problem lies in the fact that companies mistake a roadmap for a hard plan. By the time you’re done crafting the plan, it’s no longer accurate. Business conditions change, external forces change, much like an episode of “Game of Thrones”, anything could happen at any time.

How Spotify & Tinder Kick Started Their Growth Engine

Our hope is that with these two examples, companies will begin to gain a better understanding of the possible engines that are “hackable” as a method to growth. Whether offering a free version vs paid subscription, incorporating social discovery, directly promoting your product through a specific audience, or innovating user experience, there are many options available to you as you brainstorm growth engines for your next product launch.

Company Culture as a Method to Recruit & Retain Your Project Team

There is a priority emerging from the minds at successful companies in which meaningful focus is applied to company culture as a method to retain staff. This concept is being put to use more than ever before, and is proving that the ability to create an encouraging culture, will help assemble an effective and inspired team.

Overcome the Primal Brain and Discover the True Value of a MVP

As of late it seems as though minimum viable product (MVP) is thrown around as a buzzword, without any real focus or value being applied to this meaningful philosophy. Businesses claim to be in line with what this philosophy represents, but in reality it is merely being used as a term to make their team feel comfortable. With such a valuable approach being blurred, it is important to take a step back and look at just why this philosophy is being misunderstood, and how a paradigm shift revolving around product market fit and MVP can be rewarding for companies hoping to launch a new product successfully.

Growth Hacking & The New Marketing Landscape

Every week we meet with companies looking to grow their user-base, grow their data collecting capabilities, and ultimately grow their revenue. A common thread throughout these meetings, is the level of interest surrounding growth hacking as a device to achieve these goals. For the uninitiated, growth hacking represents a creative blend of marketing and engineering, which emerged from tech start-up culture and the public’s ‘virally-oriented’ consumption and communication patterns.

4 Ways to Improve the Quality of Your KPIs

The implementation of key performance indicators (KPIs) could be considered vital for any company hoping to advance operational improvements, and observe performance information as it relates to all roles within their organization. Although the inherent benefits associated with KPI s are understood across most businesses operating today, the quality of KPIs are often lacking, resulting in poor measurements and no clear path to revenue.

3 Crucial Questions To Ask Your Team When Planning A Big Initiative

If a big initiative is on the table, we encourage you to engage your team with the following 3 questions. These questions are designed to inspire conversation and promote the creation of a company-wide roadmap to your next product launch, successful demo, or two year re-platforming.

Connect priceline is live!

Using Aurora Community V1.0 platform, priceline launches the connect.priceline internal employee network

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Musician

As I began to build teams of programmers, I noticed I was surrounding myself with other like-minded individuals, who just happened to be musicians. Currently at SOLID, 14 of our 16 employees are musicians. We have a ukelele player, a flute player, a cellist, quite a few guitarists, drummers, pianists, and one high-flying bass player.

Promise Chains

Writing asychronous code for another developer to read and understand is difficult. The Promises spec and Promises libraries alleviate these issues by helping separate the control flow from the methods in preparation for tool collaborations in Node 11.

Vote for Paperwoven!

Vote for Paperwoven to win the Best Mobile App Award!

The Solid Take on the Apple Announcements - Taptic Engine

Apple announced their new Apple Watch (not iWatch, mind you) with a flurry of excitement.

A Business Decision: Web Mobile App vs Native App

Mobile engagement is a priority for any business in these modern times, but strategies of mobile engagement differ between types of businesses.

Grasshopper — A CMS to rule them all!

The new Grasshopper Data Management System (DMS) is more powerful than other CMS platforms as it uses modern tools to provide a superior content and data management for all stakeholders.

The Solid Take on the Apple Announcements — ApplePay

The huzzah is over, for now. iOS8 has been released to the public.

Solid Interactive Ranks No. 1801 on the 2014 Inc. 5000

Inc. magazine today ranked Solid Interactive NO. 1801 on its 33rd annual Inc. 500|5000, an exclusive ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies.

Project Success: Planning to Win — The Just Enough Guide for Campaigners

Planning to Win tool helps users organize their campaign strategy to execute success.

Paperwoven nominated for Webby

Paperwoven nominated for Best Lifestyle Mobile App in the 18th Annual Webby Awards.

Speed Test for your Website

There is a tool available from open source community, with support from AOL and Google, that runs speed tests on websites and provides performance metrics, issues and red flags for health.

The Fundamentals of Deck Building and Application Development

The methods used to create stable structures are very similar to the methods used to create stable software.

Debugging Remote Collaboration

Screenhero is a collaborative, real-time screen sharing tool.

Your Apple Has a Bug in it

Code review and unit tests help developers catch and fix our mistakes.

Our Latest Tech Tools

Solid uses GitLab, JIRA, and Hipchat to work faster and more efficiently.

API Troubleshooting Tools

Troubleshooting API requests can be a difficult task. Fortunately, there are several tools that will help.

Developer Chat: Doing More with Less

Code size is not always related to project complexity or sophistication.

The Bigger the Development Playground, The Better

Ford and GM automobile infotainment systems have opened up to the third party development community.

Announcing Paperwoven

Paperwoven is our new iPhone application that sends unique, paper greeting cards to your loved ones.

The Right Tool for the Job

Solid Interactive launches a new website.

Software as a Craft

A growing movement within software development raises the bar for software engineers to improve their skills.

Exploring New HTML-Based Documentation Tools

Solid developer Eric Beringer takes a look at the Doxygen and Apigen documentation tools.

SOLID Tools: Deferred State Machine

The Deferred State Machine is a JavaScript finite state machine that leverages the power of JQuery’s Deferred object.

Mobile Prototyping: Build off a Foundation

Solid Interactive worked with the Metals Service Center Institute to build a multi-platform app by starting with a single platform as a foundation prototype and building off of that.

iOS7: Taking Risks to Innovate

Almost 8 years, 6 phone models and 6 operating systems after the iPhone was released, Apple has a new completely different UI in iOS 7.

Lessons Learned from Moving

A few lessons learned during moving to our new offices that can be applied to any size business.

OSCON 2013: A DevCollection from Jesse McCabe

Solid CEO Jesse McCabe shares his thoughts on OSCON 2013.

OSCON 2013: A DevCollection from Travis McHattie

Solid COO Travis McHattie talks about Couchbase Lite.

OSCON 2013: A DevCollection from Jeff Bowden

Thoughts from Solid developer Jeff Bowden on OSCON 2013.

OSCON 2013: A DevCollection from Eric Beringer

Thoughts from Solid developer Eric Beringer on OSCON 2013.

It's Been a SOLID Summer

A recap of SOLID interactive's summer events.

JQuery Conference PDX: A Devcollection

Solid developers Jonathan Waltner and Peter Ajtai recap the jQuery Conference in Portland, Oregon.

A Bar without a Jukebox is Just a Dimly Lit Room

A corporate community site enables your employees, your content team, and you yourself drive your company's conversation.

Analytics — The Pulse of Your Digital Property

Every digital property, from websites to mobile applications, produces traffic and sales data that exhibits its health and efficiency. Analytics reporting is the presentation of this data into understandable figures and graphs.

Advantages of Open Source: Node Modules

At Solid Interactive, we use a bundle of Grunt and other Node Packaged Modules (NPMs) to automate and standardize the build process for projects.

Iterative Engineering: Innovating the Multiplatform Solution

The Solid team learns from every project and pays that knowledge forward to every new project. Through this incremental and iterative process, we bring the value of proven technical confidence to our clients.

Learning from Our Partners

I'm constantly telling people that the best part of my job is the opportunity to learn about our partners' businesses and how they run.

The Classroom — the Hub of Digital Activity

With new integrated hardware, software, accessories, and standardization on technology, businesses no longer have to choose between a one-on-one interaction or the classroom setting, but excellent complementary learning experience on several digital devices.

Solid Hybrid Techniques provide Transparent, Effective Project Execution

As your partner, Solid Interactive uses a hybrid approach of both Agile and traditional waterfall project execution in order to successfully implement your digital project.

New Payment Technology helps Small Companies become Big Players

Small companies have always struggled with the point-of-entry into the online payments world. Braintree, a payment industry innovator, helps these small companies overcome the traditional payments obstacles with new payment technologies, developer enablement and improved security initiatives.

Solid News: Goodbye Darrin, Hello Besso // Movers and Hackers

There has been a lot of activity around the Solid offices this month...

How I Started Coding — Reflections from the SOLID team

We asked our SOLID development team: Why did you become a coder? Here are our team's reflections.

Microsoft's strategic move with Modern.IE

Microsoft released a suite of tools on their website,, to ease issues encountered with legacy and modern Internet Explorer platforms.

The Real World exists and Your Developer can't control it

The availability of device-level APIs through standard groups like W3C and Mozilla enable mobile developers to improve the web experiences for a mobile user in non-optimal conditions.

New Mobile Devices Bring New Responsive design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) scales the traditional screen content to any device’s screen and provides a better user experience.

DNA as a Digital Storage Device

The financial impact of containing the world’s need for data storage has fueled scientists to research data storage on more compact mediums like DNA.

Arnowitz Creative Agency and Centrifuge Brand Marketing go Platinum at 2013 AVA Digital Awards

Arnowitz Creative Agency have won six Platinum awards and a gold award, and Centrifuge Brand Marketing have won a Platinum Award.

Mobile Development needs Mobile Strategy — Tech Notes from the Mobile App Showcase

The Chicago Mobile Meetup hosted the Mobile App Showcase on Thursday, January 24th at Catalyst Ranch. There were demonstrations of a variety of mobile apps ranging in complexity, technology and markets.

From the depths of forgotten devices, Watches come back as digital hub

Watches have found their groove again in the world of smartphones, tablets and ereaders.

Making the web more readable

Magic Scroll and Readability™ are two tools that can help users have noise-free reading, where messages are easily conveyed to the reader through the text.

The Mongo way or the Highway!

Using Mongo allows us to store all our logs for each order in one object.

Using Grunt and Jade to tame XML configuration files

Our SOLID engineers use build automation combined with templating to ensure error free management of configuration files.

Getting away from Garbage In - Garbage Out

Application producers owe it to their clients to help them make the right decision.

Some new faces at SOLID!

It's officially Summer, and we are excited to announce some new additions to our team here at SOLID.

Chicago - New Hires!

We are happy to announce that last December we made two new hires in the Chicago office.

LAUNCH ALERT! Film Fresh is now live

The last independently owned and operated online film retailer goes live.

SOLID is hiring! (Portland and Chicago)

We are looking for skilled web/mobile developers for full time and internship positions.

INTERN - Front-end web / mobile development (Portland)

SOLID is seeking a front-end web / mobile developer intern.

iOS for the Enterprise

What is someone supposed to do when a project comes up that is do be deployed within a corporation and not in the app store, when security is a must and users are non-technical?

Adobe's Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5 Update.

Adobe released Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5 Update to allow developers to build mobile apps for Android devices, BlackBerry PlayBook, iPhone and iPad

Solid leads the way with M-learning applications

Using mobile tools for creating learning aides and materials becomes an important part of informal learning.

Trivvy! Solid releases fun for the family trivia game.

Solid just released it's latest application for Samsung TV's and Blue-ray devices.

Front-end web developer / mobile / UX (Portland)

SOLID is seeking a front-end designer / developer that wants to take on a challenging (and highly satisfying) role.

Solid Enters Samsung's Free the TV Challenge!

Samsung is offering $500,000 in cash and prizes for the individuals or teams that develop the best looking, most brilliantly conceived, and most functional apps.

Blockbuster, CinemaNow Among Top Samsung Apps

Technology allowing users to rent movies from Blockbuster On Demand and Best Buy CinemaNow on connected Samsung televisions ranked among the consumer electronics manufacturer’s top 16 downloaded apps.

RoxioNow Headed to iPad, iPhone, Blackberry

Sonic Solutions’ RoxioNow video service could be available for iPhones, iPads, Blackberrys and Android smartphones by the end of the year, thanks to an agreement with digital rights management and streaming technology company Widevine.